Our Mission is to Develop Meaningful Treatments for Cancer Patients Worldwide

Cancer is a multifactorial disease. The genetic makeup and expression patterns of tumors has guided the development of targeted drugs over the last 20 years. Most available biological treatments (such as monoclonal antibodies) target a single tumor antigen (i.e. HER2) or immune checkpoint (i.e. PD-1). In recent years, the combination of these biological treatments has led to increased clinical response and survival, alongside increased toxicity and significant cost to patients.

TRIGR is an emerging leader in the field of multi targeted cancer therapies. Our portfolio of bispecific antibodies includes major mechanisms known to disrupt / halt tumor/ stem cell proliferation (anti-angiogenesis) and activate the immune response (4-1BB engagers) within a single molecule. 

While our bispecific antibodies conserve the stability attributes of classic monoclonal antibody structure (IgG, Fc, symmetric tetravalent binding), we have selected our proprietary clones based on validated mechanisms of action and apparent differentiation (affinity/avidity, epitope binding) to facilitate potentially safer, more effective multi-targeted drugs. In the cancer indications where TRIGR will first test its molecules (later stage, highly resistant cancers where patients have failed all available treatment), tolerability is key to patients remaining on therapy and building durable clinical responses, thus extending their life past the statistical few weeks or months.

The Company’s lead drug candidate, TR009, is a next generation anti-angiogenic flagship molecule which has shown its ability to overcome VEGF resistance, arrest tumor growth and induce tumor shrinkage across multiple tumors (Colorectal, Gastric, Ovarian, GIST) in Phase 1 testing. 

TRIGR’s immunotherapy pre-clinical pipeline consists of off the shelf products in contrast to CAR-T and other cellular processes which have delivered impressive clinical results while requiring complicated manufacturing processes and lead time to treat patients. 

Incorporated in Delaware in April 2018, TRIGR’s seed financing round contributed to the execution of 2 global, exclusive in-licensing agreements from ABL Bio (KS 298380), progressing TR009 into a 55-60 patient fully funded Phase IA/IB clinical trial, and maturing our pipeline. TRIGR anticipates key value inflection points to occur in the next 6-12 months with 2 key clinical readouts for TR009.